To provide those who are alive with real evidence and actual proof of any paranormal activity. Provide them with proof that there is no danger or that there is, in fact, danger. Finally, to help others (and ourselves) learn the best methods and methodology. The Jefferson City Paranormal Society has ensured that all investigations are conducted in an unconfrontational manner. We strive to never leave a place in a more negative way than when we arrived. We speak with respect and encouragement. We also believe that we should not jump to conclusions. We work on facts, ration, and use actual scientific methods to determine validity. We use an array of scientific instruments to provide proof of any type of encounter. Some of our devices are in research phases but results speak for themselves generally.







General Information About

JCPS Residential Investigations


COST: ​Jefferson City Paranormal Society (JCPS) conducts residential investigations free of charge. We seek, through research, only to gather evidence of possible paranormal activity and to assist those in need. However, we will accept donations that will be used only for transportation costs, to upgrade equipment, or to help cover other expenses as needed.



SCHEDULING INFORMATION: We try to schedule an investigation time for when the activity is most likely to occur. However, this is not always feasible, depending upon our schedules and yours. Also, we stay very busy and are often booked for a couple of months in advance. We give priority to those who are experiencing aggressive attacks. Investigations are usually conducted on Saturdays between noon and 3 am. We do not normally conduct investigations during the week due to our own full-time jobs and family needs.



INVESTIGATION LENGTH:  Investigations generally take between 3 and 6 hours to complete, depending on the size of the property. We do perform overnight investigations upon request.



YOUR PRESENCE DURING THE INVESTIGATION:  You can stay at your home or business during the investigation. Keep in mind, though, that we require silence during certain times. If dogs are likely to bark or children are likely to make noise, please find care for them during the investigation time. Also, please refrain from inviting friends and others who do not reside with you to the home during investigation time. We understand that many people are curious about the nature of the activity and about how we conduct investigations, but the fewer people there are in the home, the less "noise contamination" we will experience and the more likely we will be to find out what is happening, who is causing the activity, and how to help you get rid of it (if this is what you hope for). 



PRIVACY INFORMATION: JCPS will request upon arrival at your location permission to record video and to take photos during the investigation. We will often use these videos and photos for our own marketing on social media, YouTube, or for lectures and training. However, under no circumstances, do we state your address or full name unless you wish for us to do so. Clients always have the option to remain private, in which case, video and photos will not be used on social media, our website, YouTube, or for lectures and training purposes. A form will be provided when investigators arrive at the investigation location. This form will allow you to choose to remain private. 



​GUESTS: We will occasionally allow extended members of JCPS or guests (including guest mediums, psychics, empaths, clergy, investigators) to join us on our investigations. However, we do not allow the public to investigate with us. We must trust that all investigators present will respect the privacy, belongings, and feelings of our clients.