I grew up a believer in the paranormal. I was raised in a house where I would regularly wake up and hear what sounded like someone in the kitchen cooking. I could sometimes even smell it. I’d get up, thinking my dad was in there making breakfast, open the door and not a single person was there. Other family members had heard voices call out and one of the voices even told our dog to “shut up” one day when she was having a barking fit. I remember seeing the reflection of a man on my computer screen. When I turned around, no one was there. Our ghost never felt scary, it was just a part of our home and these occurrences just felt ordinary and routine.


I wasn’t introduced to “scary ghosts" until I was a teenager and spending the night at a friend’s house. I never felt comfortable in this place, and my feelings were justified the first and last night I slept there. It made me appreciate our ghosts. So when we investigate a home where the owners feel scared or uncomfortable, I sympathize and hope we're able to help them and make them feel like they’re safe in their own home.


As I got older, I began to notice that I was pretty in tune with other people's moods and if their emotions were pretty extreme, it would alter my own emotions for no reason. Being in large crowds is always overwhelming for me. I eventually heard the term Empath and realized most of those characteristics aligned with many of my own and everything just clicked. Along with feeling other's emotions, I noticed many of my friends would regularly come to me for advice.


My gut is hardly ever wrong when I suspect someone is being untruthful with me. I can relate to people and their situations, anywhere from ecstatic to depressed. I will cry happy tears watching people win gameshows! (I’m a hot mess) I am drawn to nature and find myself emotional when I see the beauty of the world and I have always felt a strong connection to animals. My love for dogs is so strong, I even became a dog groomer and have always had a way with especially difficult dogs. I mourn the loss of someone’s pet right along with them and it can take me days or more to recover.


When Matt and Jaclyn came to me and Will about their experience at Riverview, I was instantly on board and found myself sitting in the middle of a dark cemetery, feeling an array of different emotions and smelling things that are not there. The more we investigate, the more I feel like I am tuning in my Empath abilities. I have discovered more about myself in this journey and feel like I have made a unique bond and strong friendship with Matt and Jaclyn.