I’ve been asked a few (ok, more than a few now) times to tell MY story.  How in the world did I get into this “psychic” stuff?  How did I come to love “ghost hunting?”  “Do I really believe in all of this stuff, or is some of it made up?”  “Do psychics and ghost hunters go hand-in-hand?” 


Wow,…let’s start with the easy answers.  I came to love ghost hunting from watching “Ghost Hunters” for over a decade.  Each week I would sit down and watch the show—it was put into my schedule to watch it (and if you know me, you know I live by my schedule).  I’d get so excited when they used to do Halloween LIVE shows.  Oh my goodness, that was the BEST!  Which, leads me to my next answer—“do I believe in all of this stuff, or is some of it made up?”  YES, I am a believer.  Have I always been?  Absolutely not, and I’ll get into that in a minute.


Psychics versus ghost hunters: not the same.  Some people may see the past, some may hear or talk to spirits, some may see the future.  They are not all-encompassing and not all equal.  For the harder question, “how did I get into this ‘psychic’ (medium) stuff?” 


Let me tell you a story…

My husband and I went to the cemetery last fall 2020, roundabout August, to see his grandparents’ plots and pay our respects.  My husband did not know much of his family’s history and we were hoping to just ask for some names to start an ancestry-search.  We brought our little recorder (just in case), and set up a camera (also, just in case).  We did not feel, hear or see anything during his talk with his grandparents.  However, as I turned to head toward the car, pitch black outside, I felt as if I had been hit with something (metaphorically).  I got full-body chills.  It felt like someone was standing across the street at another section of the cemetery.  This person was ANGRY and I could feel it.  But none of it made sense.  In front of me, about 6 feet, was our camera.  I lost track of time, it was like I was literally frozen and it felt like MINUTES had passed.  I turned to my husband and softly said “we need to go now.”  I still couldn’t move.  I started seeing images in my mind of this person (I can still see them to this day).  He was young, early 20s, he was showing me the words “tragedy” and “trauma.”  He was standing in a very particular spot and I could see it.  I’m not going to lie, I was SCARED.  I turn to my husband again and said “we need to go.”  He replied that he was picking up and we would leave.  I couldn’t compute what was happening, why this person was so mad, why I could FEEL his anger, why I could see his short brown hair.  I turn around a final time and say “we need to leave, NOW.”  And we did.


I couldn’t make any sense of it, sometimes I still can’t.  I process through what transpired since this day and unless you were in my mind and body, it is hard to explain.  I use data to drive my life and this just wasn’t tangible so it did not make any clear sense.  I feared people calling me crazy (but they will anyway, so I accept it).  Since this day, it feels like pandora's box has been opened in my mind.  I didn’t accept all of this at once but now I can’t deny it.  If you haven’t listened to our podcast ever, do yourself a favor and listen to our “A Deadly Investigation” series.  This is THIS exact situation as it unfolded.  My husband and I went back to the cemetery, investigated, and found this spirit.  I no longer feel him, even when I’ve tried to seek him out, although I do feel like this is in part because we told his story and he feels peace.


So, am I a believer?  Now: 100,000%.  I could get into how I read people and have had loved ones come through that I know nothing about (again, this doesn’t go hand-in-hand with every medium) but I will save those for another storytime, and for now, just focus on hunting spirits not responding to their hunting me…