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Pulling up to this beautiful home built in 1910 or so, you can really feel that there is some serious history there. Through our various research sessions into the home, we found that it was owned by several very prominent members of the area and was used as a boarding home for travelers for many years. There was also some bad stuff in the house as well. This blog is about my experience at the Hobo Hill House for the investigation.


First, let's talk about the "when" it occurred. My wife thought it would be a great idea to do the entire Haloween weekend. Well, what my wife wants, she gets! It turned out not only was it Halloween, but it was also a full moon. Not only was it a full moon, but it was also a blue moon. Not only was it a blue moon, but it was also a very rare hunters moon. Moon abnormalities generally tend to bring extra paranormal activity. So not only are we on top of a hill, on Halloween, it's during a big, beautiful full moon! 


We arrived around 5:00 p.m. on Friday while the light was still out. The large gravel parking lot around the back of the house looks daunting but it really does work well with the setup of the home. We had grabbed some Rebel Tacos before heading over for dinner. We sat in the van eating those and making a bit of a plan for Friday night. She asked me to go take some pictures with the Canon Rebel DSLR camera while she meditated and opened herself up. This generally takes 5-10 minutes.


I get out of the van and dig through my equipment to find the DSLR. I finally get it out and ensure the settings are right. I walk around the home, not really catching any type of feeling. Walking up to the back of the house I see through to the front. The outside and inside of the home are just beautiful! I take the pictures and move around to the front to take some pictures. As I walk up to the front porch I do catch a very creepy vibe. I don't claim to be sensitive or a medium. As a matter of fact, things don't really happen to me like they do others on the team. However, under that porch caught my attention. The old and closed Lincoln Institute/Jefferson City High School/Simonsen 9th Grade Centered stared at me (from behind) as I walked around taking pictures.


I walk back to the van and my Jaclyn is ready to go. I unload the equipment from the van and get it all settled at the backdoor. As she walks up she is stopped at the back door. Sometimes walking through a threshold makes her pause. We open the door and walk into an over the top beautiful home. Everything has been reconditioned or rebuilt. The color scheme just pops. I completely forget where I am for a bit as I take in how beautiful the house is. The scary Hobo Hill House is beautiful!


A touch later our other 2 Friday night investigators show up and we all start getting our equipment out and setup. Not much is going on then out of nowhere it feels like Jaclyn walked up behind me and put her hand on my neck. It wasn't forceful at all. Just kinda to let me know she was there. I turned around to kiss her and she was in the other room. Nobody was behind me! I ignore it and blame my nerves until it happens again. I mention it to the crew and it happens 2 more times after. I knew someone was trying to get my attention. I didn't feel threatened at all. Just aware.


We set up the equipment and as we do I set up a K2/EMF tester. This device tests the non-electrical energy levels of an area. Spirits are said to have a higher magnetic energy level than those who are still alive. I am not sure of the science but if the best in the industry trust it, so will I. I also use a motion-activated toy ball. This has become such a great tool for us. It's a few bucks on Amazon and normally entertains cats. However, we use it to show if spirits can manipulate items to make them move. 


Friday there wasn't a lot of anything for me personally. We catch several EMF hits but not much more. Overnight Friday into Saturday the activity picked up. All of us, minus one (who was asleep upstairs on camera, not moving or talking), were downstairs in the living room. We heard many times someone singing, someone walking around, someone tapping. There are spirits on the second floor in my not at all professional opinion. Just from what I heard with my own ears, also captured on voice recorder!


Saturday night rolled around and we headed back to the house (we had to leave so Jaclyn could sleep, we could shower and take the kids trick or treating). We met up with the other couple and then another guest investigator at the house. We hadn't gone to the attic or basement on Friday and we were planning on showing the first few hours of the investigation on Facebook Live. We had planned YouTube Live as well, but our technology failed, as is common in houses with history.


We started in the attic splitting into teams or 2 and 3. We worked our way down from the attic (nothing really for me) to the 2nd-floor master bedroom. This room gave us evidence every moment we were in it. From the motion-activated ball going crazy to hearing someone talk through our microphones when nobody was touching them (again on video).

We moved to other rooms and ran several spirit box sessions. I really didn't experience anything else during the actual investigation. Each of our investigators did. From feeling and hearing things to seeing things. They experienced it all. I did not. This includes the basement.

I am told that I am a white light and spirits don't really like me around, which I am good with. I have in the past asked them to take my energy or to talk to me. All with no luck. It seems that because I bring a lot of positivity not much is attracted to me, and I like it!

We get back upstairs from the crazy intense blind/deaf spirit box session with our empath in the basement (it was insane) and talk about what had just happened. It took its toll on her. After a few minutes, she was fine and we all were blown away by the answers we received. When we do a blind/deaf session we use full noise-canceling headphones and a blindfold. There is NO way anyone wearing them can hear. I use the same exact headphones at work on the phones and I know there is no sound. So when we ask a question and get a relevant response, over and over and over. It is a bit startling.


We all chill in the front room after we wrap up our video sessions. Our investigator "W" lays down on a daybed in the living room. His wife "E", Jaclyn, our guest investigator, and myself are all laid out in the living room on the different couches and the one chair. This is around 3 a.m. on Sunday. We all kind of pass out other than Jaclyn. At 5 a.m. I am woken up by the girls as they are hearing and feeling something very angry in the basement. I, half-asleep, tell it to go back to the basement (praying that works) and lay back down. Apparently, it worked. I wake up a little later and Jaclyn hasn't slept. I won't put words in her mouth but there was a lot of activity while the rest of us slept. She hasn't slept at all.


Around 8 a.m. we start to take our equipment down and pack up. We talk a little about what happened over the weekend and joked that we need to hire people to handle evidence. Then we cringed when we realized we didn't do this to make money and we would need to do it ourselves. While we are packing up we did hear another voice. We get everything out of the house and leave just before check out time.


So while not much happened to me, I did experience some level of "paranormal activity," during our stay. Our other investigators really experienced the scariness of Hobo Hill House. I will let them talk about their own experiences. We will have them on the podcast soon to talk about it. From me though, there are a lot of spirits in the house. I didn't feel anything evil and I didn't feel like anything wanted to hurt us. I just felt like what was there wanted to be noticed. We noticed.


I highly recommend staying at the Hobo Hill House. You can book it online at AirBNB. is the link to rent it yourself. Even if you don't experience anything, it is beyond beautiful and super comfortable. It is in a safe neighborhood close to everything downtown Jefferson City! The hosts are amazing as well.